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Josey Goggin




Portrait of Josey Goggin

Born into a family of Irish storytellers I was doomed to a lens of irreverence and a sensitivity to the abuse of power. It comes in handy when writing for teens, but doesn’t always make me friends.

I live in San Francisco with my deeply patient husband, a Border Collie & a Maine Coon. 


I have been a carney and an architect, a teacher and a mom. 

Now I am a writer.

I've lived in the U.S., Ireland, and Denmark at various points in my life and traveled behind the Iron Curtain when there was one.


I backpacked the John Muir Trail in the Sierras, twice. 


I stopped going to school after receiving my Ph.D. in the theory and ethics of architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

The Bubonic Plague broke out at my wedding.

In The Press

Artist Statement

I write to understand what I can not, and as an act of resistance against a world intent upon destroying human, biological, cultural, and religious diversity. And while my process forces me to slow down and reflect deeply, what I write is intended to create a taut, tense ride for my readers, filled with

recklessness and freshness, and the bravery of youth.

I write for young adults because they see the world unclouded by adult fears of success, and security, and money. When they care about something, they love completely and fearlessly. In this fraught moment in global and climate history I find overwhelmingly that

teens hold a vision of the world that is more nuanced and caring and intersectional than the most progressive of adults.What they are beginning to understand is their collective power and will.

My stories are meant to inspire them to flex those muscles.

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News and Events

What's up with me

February 14-November 10, 2019

2019 Nevada SCBWI Mentorship Program

Mentor: Ellen Hopkins

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To reach me, please drop a note to

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My Facebook & Twitter accounts are currently inactive due to the companies’ refusal to act on disinformation campaigns run on the platforms.

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