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Currently Keeping Me Up at Night...

Below you will find a bit of information about current events, injustices, and history that may shed light on what is currently bothering me about the world we live in. 

Silence is complicity.

Jumble of folded paper cranes from memorial at Manzanar

We can not turn a blind eye to the cruelty our government, our representative government, is inflicting on people seeking a better life. RAICES is a frontline organization for the advocacy of immigration reform.


Please sign their pledge to support immigrants on the ground and in the courts and write your reps.

Makeshift baseball backstop of sticks and wire at Manzanar

We tend to associate concentration camps with the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. But the United States has its own history of locking up and detaining folks based on difference. Manzanar was one of many detention centers built during World War II to detain Japanese Americans.

Please visit their site and learn. 

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