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Answer the Highest Calling of Your Heart

Representative John Lewis was laid to rest yesterday.

The United States’ most visible and fervent proponent of nonviolence was eulogized by Barack Obama, and remembered by reverends, and presidents, and the Speaker of the House, as well as his family, friends, and staff. And yet, some of the most eloquent words of the day came from the Representative’s himself, in an op-ed published in the New York Times⁠.

He spoke of spending his last days inspired by today’s youth and their compassion, by their stand for human dignity. He reminded us of how senseless violence continues to be inflicted upon Black lives, and how democracy demands we work at it constantly. He noted that voting is the most powerful nonviolent action you can take and that the right to do so is not guaranteed.

His words are a salve to our souls in this time.

Please take five minutes today to read his words or listen to Morgan Freeman read Representative John Lewis’s last words⁠, then answer the highest calling of your heart.

It is time for some good trouble.


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